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Welcome to Morellos, the vintage style clothing company

We offer 1940's and 1950's style clothing, shoes and accessories. We currently are featuring La Riviera Clothing, who produce a wide range of men's and women's classic 1940’s and 1950’s style clothing. They are known for their good quality fabrics and authentic styling at very affordable prices.

You will find La Riviera clothes stores at various weekend events throughout the UK. All La Riviera clothing is Made in England.

Morellos also have a selection of original vintage clothes and good quality used shoes as well as new shoes made in England by Terry Smith. We also sell some lovely new accessories. Please email us with any questions you have and we will try to help.

If you are purchasing multiple items please email with the items you require (before you place the order) and we can reduce the shipping costs for your particular order 

Please Note: We strongly advise every customer to measure whomever the item is for and compare it with the measurements against each item in the description. This is to avoid disappointment and unnecessary returns and shipping costs. Our sizes vary on every item so it is advisable to check each item individually 

The photos below are by Suelan Photography : 

Featured Offers

La Riviera 1950's Gab Style Blade Jacket - Black & Cream
La Riviera 1950's Jerry Lee Style Shirt - Wide Blue Stripe
La Riviera Letisha Swing Jacket - Brown with Leopard print fur